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Studying in France

The quality of French higher education is widely recognized throughout the world.

Each year, France makes massive investments in education and research. In fact, education is the largest category of government spending, accounting for more than 20% of the budget. CentraleSupélec, a competitive French HIGHER EDUCATION process.

Expenses & budget ( for example in Centralesupelec gif campus)

Planning expenses fees upon arrival An approximate € 1.250 budget is expected to get you settled.  

Planning your monthly budget For a student living on campus during AY 2014/2015, The estimated budget was approximately € 678. Details are as follows : Rent : +/- €390 (+/- € 190 deducted if APL eligible)


CROUS restaurant + breakfast & dinner : € 210

Entertainment : € 56

Miscellaneous : € 56

-Rent : € +/- 390 per month

-Another € 400 security deposit or la caution is required : € 400

-A home insurance policy is compulsory : € 210

-The monthly rent is due on the 1st day of every month : Makes a total of € +/- 1 015


-Train tickets to ride buses or suburban trains to get around,  Metro ticket: € 1.80 or € 14.10 for a carnet (10 tickets)

€ +/- 34.80 (€ 4.35 for a one-way suburban train ticket. Makes 10 one-ways or 5 round trips). Have a look at Ticket Jeunes fares ( for under 26 years old students): here


-Tuition fees See respective web page


- Medical insurance coverage or social security which is mandatory for all students, whether of French or foreign nationality -It runs from Oct. 1 to Sept. 30 -E.U students can be waived the French Sécurité Sociale coverage provided they show proof of valid social security coverage (e.g., European Health card € 215


-A private health insurance (optional) called Mutuelle. The Smerep or the LMDE are the main ones. They cover for civil liability, repatriation, and accident From € 110 to € 612


-A private insurance (mandatory) to cover for civil liability if you do not subscribe to Smerep or Lmde. € 30


- Money to pay for meals € 16.00/week (€ 3.20 for a standard meal at the CROUS restaurant)


-Library deposit -Book rental is free -Make certain you have returned all your books. If not, you will not be delivered your Supelec program degree € 150 (returned in June if all books are brought back)